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August 2016     



Custom Badges
from The Stoner Connection
Free Shipping

Custom Badge Delivery takes 8 to 10 weeks









Badge Chicago Aldermanic Assistant * $99.95 - Item #2026
Customize with your Ward Office
manufactured by V.H. Blackinton

Bottom line for badge is customized
Top panel has design selectable options

Badge Chicago Alderman * $99.95 - #2026
Customize with your Ward Office

Bottom line customize text
Top panel  has design selectable options

Also may remove top panel and customize lower (No police, sheriff, guard, security, officer or law enforcement options accepted) Enter information in text box or email with custom changes or questions.

Order Badge Style
Custom text top banner?
Custom text bottom?





Judge / Clerk or Custom Badge Cook County Illinois*  $99.95 - Item #2927
Above badge style, Center Seal logo contains the Cook County Seal plain
top panel has various selection options
second line reads: JUDGE / CLERK / CUSTOM
Center seal is Cook County Illinois
Bottom Line is customized with Name or ?
Top Row Panel
Name or Text Bottom ?
Alternate Badge Text & Where?


Custom Badge Delivery takes 8 to 10 weeks


Shipping is $6.50 per order, not per item, the more you shop the more you save.